Our lawyer messaged us earlier to ask how we were doing. One word answer: adapting. V is trying to figure us out. We are trying to figure her out. We are all figuring out our surroundings. I think we have been to every grocery store in a 2 mile radius from our apartment. Slowly we are learning helpful words and phrases in Polish. 

We met a couple of nice young fellows who speak fabulous English. As a plus, they run a company that sells coffee and coffee makers. They offered us an espresso when we stopped by. Considering the big thing here is instant coffee, we like them. 

Successes: She has had a bath. We cooked a homemade meal in the oven. V is not eating very much, but she did eat french fries and tea crackers. We washed some clothes. 

Here are some pictures from our jaunt to Simply Market today. 

Frozen fish in bulk

 Instant coffee

Upside down picture of frozen fruits and vegetables in bulk. 

  People put stuff back in the wrong place even in Poland.  
A whole dairy aisle. Yes, V’s face is strategically covered. 

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  1. Patty Hendricks
    Jan 29, 2016 @ 15:53:06

    Ohhhhhh Ohhhhh Ohhhhhhh How God is going to use you in this little girls life. And my prayer for you while in Poland is that people will see the hope that you have in Christ and want Him too!!!!!


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