Our lawyer messaged us earlier to ask how we were doing. One word answer: adapting. V is trying to figure us out. We are trying to figure her out. We are all figuring out our surroundings. I think we have been to every grocery store in a 2 mile radius from our apartment. Slowly we are learning helpful words and phrases in Polish. 

We met a couple of nice young fellows who speak fabulous English. As a plus, they run a company that sells coffee and coffee makers. They offered us an espresso when we stopped by. Considering the big thing here is instant coffee, we like them. 

Successes: She has had a bath. We cooked a homemade meal in the oven. V is not eating very much, but she did eat french fries and tea crackers. We washed some clothes. 

Here are some pictures from our jaunt to Simply Market today. 

Frozen fish in bulk

 Instant coffee

Upside down picture of frozen fruits and vegetables in bulk. 

  People put stuff back in the wrong place even in Poland.  
A whole dairy aisle. Yes, V’s face is strategically covered. 


As I write this, it is 2:30 in the morning.  Time difference is a real irritation, but we are plowing through it all. Now back to our post.

Today was a very special day. We met her today.  Our sweet Victoria came bounding into the room all loud making woof woof sounds mimicking the dog outside the foster care family’s home.  She saw us and got real quiet.  Imagine for yourself. You are 18 months old, seeing some people that you don’t recognize who are speaking a different language.  Amusingly enough, the lady you’ve just met (Lori) looks a little like you.  You are given a little blanket and owl from these new people.  The bearded one (Bill) is making faces at you.

This was our first interaction with her in Kolinowo, a small village outside Ełk.  She was curious about us.  It reminded me of our first interaction with Alexander in China at the hotel.  Lots of looks, sizing up the “competition” so to speak.  The foster care family is wonderful and has showed her lots of love.

We talked a length about her likes and dislikes, routines, sleep habits and everything in between.  She’s used to lots of noise (five other foster kids with her), we got that covered at the Moody household.  She also likes to eat meat – she’ll fit right in.

Foster care mother then also asked several questions of us. Age, vocation, our parents, siblings.  After those were answered, we were asked if still wanted to move forward with the adoption.  We, of course, said yes.

Tomorrow will be a very big day for her.  Those reading this can help by bathing this little girl in prayer.  Tomorrow, we will be taking her back to Warsaw.  She will leaving all she’s ever known and going into a new unknown.  Imagine her thoughts, her initial sadness, and her new discoveries.  Will it be traumatic? Yes.  Lots of soothing, toys, and goldfish crackers will be in her future today.

How will her new Mommy and Daddy handle it?  Prayer also and maybe some goldfish too.



p.s.: I know that picture are what everyone wants to see.  When we get the go sign, you will be overwhelmed with pictures of this sweet thing.  So prepare yourself.


Well, we made it.  As Lori eluded to earlier some flight delays occurred for both of us for the first legs of our perspective journeys.  Mine was about and hour and half.  Lori’s delay would make her miss the Atlanta to Amsterdam flight.  As the Good Lord is in this, there happened to be an earlier flight that was not full.  Ticket counter lady said that she could put her on that flight if she wanted.  She did and it all worked out well.  No more additional delays for the entire day.  Whooohoooo!

Transfers at the international airports are interesting.  At the Amsterdam airport, you have to wait line with you passport before you can go from the intercontinental gates to the continental gates.  The nice woman with Border Control/Customer, asked a couple of questions.

BC – “What will be your final destination?”

Me – “Warsaw, Poland”

BC – “How look will you be staying?”

Me – “45 days.”

BC – “What will be the purpose of your visit?”

Me – “Adopting a little girl.”

Her expression changed in a instant.  One moment, rigid by the books and the next moment a tender smile with congratulations.

I arrived in Poland at about 12:30 and thanks to our lawyer, a gentlemen met me at the airport to take me to the apartment.  Once there, I put away a few things. Waited some more and then we went back to the airport to wait for Lori.  She got in about 4:20.

A this point we are both tired.  However, 7 hours ahead of our normal time is messing with our heads.  Great difficulty getting the sleep. It all finally caught up with us.  We slept to noon the next day.  Regardless of our attempt to catch up with sleep, anticipation is building of finally seeing her.

Took a quick pic outside our apartment.  Our pastor and my mom will appreciate the fact that the Christmas trees are still up throughout the country.



And we are off!!! Wow what a crazy 3 weeks it has been. Packing, planning, organizing, praying. We finally come to the day, and what happens? Grand snow storm, that’s what.

We started our day with breakfast at the airport. Bill’s flight was delayed, but he was not in danger of missing his connecting flight. Once Bill was settled, the rest of us went back home to get me ready. My flight was also delayed. However, once in Atlanta I would have 30 minutes to meet my connecting flight. I went to the airport early anyway, hoping for a miracle.

A miracle happened. The sweet young lady checking me in says, “I don’t mean to hurry you ma’am, but a flight is leaving Jackson in 30 minutes for Atlanta. You can make it on that flight and not miss your connection.” I could have kissed her. Really.

Which brings me here:


Blogging in Atlanta, leisurely awaiting my flight to Amsterdam. Eating healthy.

Love to you all, next blog-Poland (or maybe Amsterdam).