Now I know your saying to yourself, “Bill, Christmas has already happened.”  You are correct, except for the fact that the decorations are still up.  In Poland, the trees are decorated on Christmas Eve and they and other decorations stay up until the first week in February.  We had been saying that we wanted to bring Victoria home by Christmas.  Well, over here it still kinda is.  Neat, huh?

Saturday night we visited Old Town Warsaw.  It was beautiful.  We saw the Royal Castle, Presidential Palace, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and many beautiful sights.  See below.

Victoria, the spitfire, is warming up to me, slowly but surely.  She is one determined little girl.  She desires that we stand and hold her any chance she can.  Or she’s ready to go outside no matter the time or temperature.  She will bring us her gloves, coat, boots to let us know that she is ready to go.  She’ll stand by the stroller and cry until we are ready to go.  We usually have to fold it up so she realizes that we are in for the night.

In Warsaw, we have decided that the people here seem to be like those in New York.  They only buy what they need for a day or two and that’s it.  In the south (meaning the U.S.), we stock up for what we hope will last us a week.  Heck the fridge here is half size, we pretty much don’t have a choice.  I would like a microwave, cooking here is either stove or oven.  Tomorrow we are going to try making cookies.  We will see how it goes.

Our lawyer will be will us tomorrow to help us do a couple of things and maybe show us around a little.  Should be fun!!



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