As I write this, it is 2:30 in the morning.  Time difference is a real irritation, but we are plowing through it all. Now back to our post.

Today was a very special day. We met her today.  Our sweet Victoria came bounding into the room all loud making woof woof sounds mimicking the dog outside the foster care family’s home.  She saw us and got real quiet.  Imagine for yourself. You are 18 months old, seeing some people that you don’t recognize who are speaking a different language.  Amusingly enough, the lady you’ve just met (Lori) looks a little like you.  You are given a little blanket and owl from these new people.  The bearded one (Bill) is making faces at you.

This was our first interaction with her in Kolinowo, a small village outside Ełk.  She was curious about us.  It reminded me of our first interaction with Alexander in China at the hotel.  Lots of looks, sizing up the “competition” so to speak.  The foster care family is wonderful and has showed her lots of love.

We talked a length about her likes and dislikes, routines, sleep habits and everything in between.  She’s used to lots of noise (five other foster kids with her), we got that covered at the Moody household.  She also likes to eat meat – she’ll fit right in.

Foster care mother then also asked several questions of us. Age, vocation, our parents, siblings.  After those were answered, we were asked if still wanted to move forward with the adoption.  We, of course, said yes.

Tomorrow will be a very big day for her.  Those reading this can help by bathing this little girl in prayer.  Tomorrow, we will be taking her back to Warsaw.  She will leaving all she’s ever known and going into a new unknown.  Imagine her thoughts, her initial sadness, and her new discoveries.  Will it be traumatic? Yes.  Lots of soothing, toys, and goldfish crackers will be in her future today.

How will her new Mommy and Daddy handle it?  Prayer also and maybe some goldfish too.



p.s.: I know that picture are what everyone wants to see.  When we get the go sign, you will be overwhelmed with pictures of this sweet thing.  So prepare yourself.

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  1. vicki
    Jan 27, 2016 @ 08:46:05

    So excited for your expanding family. Wow. You are finally there.
    Blessings, prayers, and Goldfish crackers!!
    Vicki Latham


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