The first lesson I have learned through this process: No one understands your body better than you (except God). It is futile to try to explain your situation to others (except your doctor).

Truth is, you do not owe explanations (or apologies) to anybody. Whether vegan, vegetarian, paleo, low salt, high carb, low sugar, low histamine, your diet is your business. You know how your body performs on different fuel sources. Do what works for YOU!

I have been eating in a very purist/raw way. Oatmeal/grits/cream of rice. Salad with a little oil. Hummus/almond butter on rice cakes or Wasa. Beans and rice.

A few days ago I made some flatbread with water chestnut flour and water. It definitely needs some tweaking. The water chestnut flour was found at our local Indian Grocery. They had a wide variety of vegetables, rices, and flours (very economical). Most flours were $2-$5 a bag.

Here is a picture of my sweet middle child eating a rice/grain mixture produced by the Engine 2 Diet company. He likes it!