Air Travel with Toddlers

Short title of this expose’ is “Air Travel with Toddlers” Long title “Air Travel with Toddlers: Why the Heck would Anyone Do It.  Putting it simply, air travel with a toddler is crazy.  Air travel with a two toddlers is just plain stupid, but everyone should experience just the same.  It was a rough two hours for daddy and E.  Mommy, D, and the Z-man seemed to handle it pretty well.  E was super fussy.  No position for him was comfortable and when he would settle down, he’d bump his ankle on the armrest and go ballistic.  When the flight attendent brought the meal to us he calmed down.  I got him a cup of milk and we proceeded to eat.  This was going well.  He decided he wanted to control the spoon, which means I am now ready play in my food and potentially sling it everywhere.  Daddy was not having that.  Now the tug of war begins of the spoon.  Daddy one, E zero.  Suddenly the food box is in the wrong place and it must be moved.  Remember the milk, well now its all over my right leg and the left leg of the nice Nigerian man sitting next to me.  The man was remarkably calm about the whole thing, but daddy was about to lose it.  Once I was able to get the food away, it then became a struggle of wills.  It is strong with this little grasshopper.  An announcement overhead let me know that this will be over in about 20 minutes.  In the final 10 minutes the little bugger decided he had had enough and fell asleep.  It was nice, a little late, but nice.  It all felt like a routine from “Bill Cosby – Himself” entitled “Jeffery”. 

Anyhow, after the plane landed, we gathered the children and stuff and made our way to the baggage claim.  We found all of the luggage and loaded them them on to a cart or rather carts.  We’re talking about 5 people’s luggage here.  After we got out of the baggage claim area, we noticed a smell.  Not a diaper smell, but a foul one regardless.  It was coming from D’s bay.  Some of you maybe thinking, “Ok, what animal or thing” did he sneak into his bag without telling mommy and daddy.”  In reality it was garbage.  Somehow, some garbage fell on or was dropped on D’s bag.  We had our guide call the airline about it.  They told him that since we left the baggage claim area, they wouldn’t do anything about it.  And I was supposed to know this how.  Heck, we didn’t notice it til the wind from outside blew in to help identify the culprit.

Goodbye airport next stop the hotel.  Little battles from the airplane continued in the bus.  Bro. Z was doing just fine.  My little tornado, Z, not so much, but hey plane rides and toddlers don’t mix well.  Some would say it went well.  Lots of information was given to us on that busride to process.  We arrive at the China Hotel.  Its a real nice place.  Guess what, there is a 24 hour McDonald’s right next door.  Whooohooo!  Room was nice with two cribs waiting on us.  Must sleep…Zzzzz


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