What the Boys Leave Behind

For our final day in Zhengzhou, the family took a field trip.  With the help of our guides, we went to E’s former orphanage.  I was about 45 minute trip from one part of the city to another which means its a pretty big city.  We got to meet some of his caretakers.  They were so excited to see him.  He walked right up to them while they were feeding another child expecting them to feed him.  Of course they did and started feeding some little bread buns to Z as well.  It was almost as if he never left.  We saw his crib room, the bathrooms, etc.  It was all an eye opening experience.  I have never to been to an institutionalized type of ophanage before.  You have to imagine what it would be like if you were in a place such as this until you were an adult.  The opportunities of quality of life, education, career, choice of worship are most likely out of reach.  We understand from what we know that if E and Z stayed in the system, they would most likely be denied all those nice things I just mentioned.  Low possibility of a good education.  Low possibility of a career.  It would be as if they were second class citizens.  When we in Beijing earlier, we saw a man being pushed through the subway on a little cart by his friend.  He apparently could not walk on his own, and he had to be pushed around on the subway to beg for money.  Lori and I talked later that what we saw could be potential life for Z.  His spinal problems could down the road, if still in China, lead him to be doing the same thing.  It becomes a heavy responsibility to find a need and meet it.  Children all over the world need a home.  We got two this go around, are you up for it.  You could start with one.  Oh and by the way, a little girl that I held at the orphanage that daycalled me daddy.  I  see more paperwork in my future.  Sigh ….  more love to pursue.


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