The Exam

The was the day of the big exam.  Really it was just a formality.  They checked the boys height, weight, temperature, and hearing.  They looked over our existing medical information that we had on them.  Asking questions, such as “Does he poo well?”  And we’re thinking to ourselves “Well yeah I guess so I have only had him for about 4 days.  :-)” We fell back on “Yes, he poos pretty good.”  Then came the physical exam with a lot poking and proding which neither of them were happy about.  Oh, and Bro. Z had the added benefit of having yet another TB test since he is over two by 3 and half weeks.  Bit unnecessary if you ask me since they already did the test in Zhengzhou. 

Next a little shopping was in order.  This area reminded us of New Orleans in the French Quarter.  They even have a section of it called French Quarter.  But I digress, as we may have mentioned, we bought these strap on carriers to carry the boys.  Great in concept, not so much in the long term especially for one’s back.  We were on a stroller hunt and were told that we would be able to find them in the shops in the area.  We were desperate for them.  We felt like we were lost for a little while.  We thought we would try to ask the locals where we could find the strollers.  The individuals we met were members of a local church, a Christian church, just up the street.  Although we couldn’t understand a word they said and they couldn’t understand us.  We met each other on equal terms — Children of God.  They brought us safe water to drink and told us about their church which caters to the “traveler”.  They gave us some info about the services and we told them we would be back.  They directed us to the stores and we were set.  Strollers to two boys – check, new luggage to replace the “garbage bag” – check, church for Sunday — check.  Life is good.


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  1. Pat Jones
    Oct 16, 2011 @ 19:39:01

    I am enjoying your blog entries so very much! All three of your boys are just treasures and it is such a joy to be able to hear about this adventure!


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