Today is Halloween. Amusingly enough, this morning I had a revelation about FEAR. V and I are off today getting ready for our annual neighborhood candy fest. V was sleeping in, and the boys were getting ready for school. Everything was good, until the boys started getting a little rowdy on the way out the door. I spoke harsh words to them, because I was AFRAID they would wake up V. 

V woke up soon after they left, and I started evaluating myself.  Why would I be AFRAID that the boys would wake up V? The worse that could happen is that I don’t get to drink my coffee in peace. It was then that God revealed to me how many of my actions are motivated by FEAR. 

I clean my house before guests come, because I am AFRAID that they will judge me (not because I want it to be nice for them). I vote for a certain party, because I am AFRAID that the other candidate will win (not because I think the candidate I vote for will necessarily do a good job). I rush to the grocery store to buy groceries, because I am AFRAID the kids won’t have the right things to pack for lunch tomorrow (not because we are really out of food).  I am AFRAID of being late to work, so I yell and rush my family. On and on it goes. 

The world has conditioned us to FEAR. God tells us to love our neighbor.  God tells us not to fear. God tells us He is over elections. God tells us that He will provide all our needs. God tells us that He gives us a Spirit of power, love, and self-control. 

These kiddos deserve better from their mom than actions motivated by FEAR. My actions should be motivated by LOVE. LOVE drives out FEAR. LOVE comes from God revealed through our Lord Jesus Christ.