Doctor (Lekarz)

Hey who doesn’t love going to the doctor – a toddler who doesn’t know that she’s going to the doctor that’s who. It all started nice and pleasant. Inviting room for the kiddies. A receptionist that spoke wonderful English. Then health questions about V from the doctor. Easy right? Then came the physical exam that was expected by me, not by her. That’s when the little lady lost it. The doctor went quick seeing the urgency of the situation. He’s apparently done many an adoption examination paperwork. The whole little girl getting her reflexes checked was cool to watch. Her little legs popped like they were supposed to. Never seen it done before, not even with the boys.

All in all, everything went well and a clean bill of health was awarded. Oh and most importantly, no TB test required. Little lady is under the age two, therefore no test is required. Thank the Lord. A blood test then a chest x-ray that would go over well, don’t you think? NOT!! This little lady is strong for her size. I can’t imagine trying to hold her down for a few seconds. Her older brother, Master “A” is pretty strong for his size and I’ve had to hold him down for a blood test before. Actually, it took four of us. Lori, two nurses, and me all had to essentially lay on top of him. Can’t imagine what it would take, but no worries. Whoohooo! Not necessary!!!

Other good day in Warsaw.


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