Bonding (Klejenie)

Hello everybody!!! I know it has been a little while since our last post, but lots of thing have happened since then. Major ones!! The nature of the events don’t lend themselves to photos so the next couple of post won’t be too visual.

Once the bonding period was complete then we returned to Elk, the town where Victoria was born. Three hour trip to the middle of nowhere. You’ve heard of the idea you can’t get there from here meaning there is not an easy way to get to Elk. There’s not. Heck, our driver got lost our first time to go get her there. Our first day was a meeting with the social worker and the child psychologist. The social worker we already had a meeting with in Warsaw. The child psychologist was new to the discussion. She asked some of the same questions that everyone else has done. “How is she doing? How is she playing? Does she respond to you both? Etc.” Of course, they are trying to get a handle on her well being and whether she is compatible with us. Their big question at the end of the meeting…”What do you think about her?” Our Response, “We love her and want to take her home?”

Then I believe one more question was asked, “Is there anything you want to ask us?” Our response, “Can you help shorten the time so that we can go home earlier?” They said they would try and they did.

From what we would find out later, their reports for the court including recommendations that appeal should not last any longer than absolutely necessary because they felt the full family unit needed to be put together as soon as possible. We were very appreciative of their support. Keep in mind, their duty is to the welfare of Victoria, but they are also thinking about her new family as well and bringing us all together as quickly as possible would be good for her, the both, and mommy and daddy.


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