Yesterday starting early, early yesterday morning.  It was past midnight and I was reading one of my favorite authors, Lee Child.  Jack Reacher was kicking butt and taking names.  Did I need to go to bed, you betcha.  Did I?  Nope.  I wish I had.  Around 12:30, Lil’ Miss woke up.  Trying to be the helpful one and feeling that we made a good connection over nap time yesterday, I, SuperDad, was determined to take care of it.  Well I was wrong.  Ever been wrong before. I was at 1:00 in the morning, and then at 2, and on to 3.  She could not get comfortable any way she tried to lay down.  I’d pat the behind enough to settle her and then slowly stop 3-4 minutes later.  She would then immediately wake up again.  This happened over and over for the next several hours.  When my arms/wrist/hand grew tired, I resorted to the rub her back method.  Every time I would slow down and eventually stop, she’d wake up.  At 3:45, Dr. Moody came in and saved me.  After a few thank you’s, we all got in the bed.  I knocked off within 5 minutes only to be wakened with the explanation that I was snoring badly. (side effect for me of being really tired) I moved to the sofa and attempted to get back to sleep.  I got there.

I awoke later that morning desiring coffee and leftover donuts from National Donut Day.  I survived.  Your question now is, “Bill, what that got to do with history?” Answer: Very little unless you look from my point of view that I was happy that the night/morning was over.  But Seriously, we did see some serious history of Poland and I, for one, was extremely happy that I was able to see some of it yesterday.  “Hat tip” to my wonderful neice-in-law, Sarai.  On her Facebook Group, “Families with Children Adopted from Poland” She sent out suggested places to see while in Warsaw and we took her advice. One of her suggestions was a museum called Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego or “Warsaw Rising” and it was well worth it.

With most history that we learn in the States, it usually told from the USA perspective and why wouldn’t it be.  Makes sense to be told from that perspective.  However, yesterday was a real experience for me.  This museum details the rise of the Polish people when Warsaw was under siege by the Germans during WWII.  There was minimal help that came from the Allies and Russia refused to come to Poland’s aid.  From what I discovered today, Warsaw in 1939 had 1,400,000 people.  By 1944, it had only 900,000 people. In 1944 having had enough, the citizens in Warsaw decided liberation was reachable. For 63 days there was a battle for Warsaw to drive out the Germans.  A Resistance formed that armed themselves to fight in the street, the cellars and sewers of the city.  Humanity was not at its best.  Many defenseless people were killed during that occupation by the Germans.  Stalin called the “Rising” of the Varsovian people (Citizens of Warsaw) as criminal and didn’t want to help.  Western Allies did help, but minimally.  In short, it was the heart and soul of the Polish people that took their city back.  This is a history that has been lost or purposely forgotten.  Think long and hard about it, a huge city was razed during a dark part of the world’s overall history.  Some would say this is where Cold War started.  I don’t know about you but this was never told to me.  No text book, college course that I recall ever mentioned the events that I learned about yesterday.  It was sobering.  This kinda stuff gets lost unless we purposely try to remember it.  If you can imagine, I felt honored to be able to see this history.

Now most of you are saying, “Bill, this is some heavy stuff. What about Lil’ Miss?”  My point has just arrived… that was bad time in history.  New history is being written and it is good.  Victoria is that new history, at least for us, and it is a wonderful thing.  This beautiful girl has a history that started here, but now will be able to create new memories, a new chapter of history for her.  Its an exciting time for her and us.  New experiences, new home, new family, new “brats” (polish for brothers – seriously).  A new chapter in her personal history book.  I like being a part of great history.


P.S. yes we did do other fun things yesterday.  Little lady got her own cell phone … Fisher Price Brand.  Plays music, makes picture taking sound, etc.

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  1. vicki
    Feb 08, 2016 @ 08:35:48

    Hey Ya’ll. It’s Vicki from Cultural School. Wow. It’s great reading about you all in that far away land called Poland. Amazing. So happy that little V is working her way thru the family process. I’m sure this is not easy….being gone so long….but you are courageous and brave to do so much for your new daughter. Big hugs and much love.


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