I have been off the grid and off the wagon. It is hard following a strict diet during the holidays. It is also hard following a strict diet while changing jobs.

Now, we are though the holidays. I am in the swing of my job change. I may have been on the wrong track diet wise.

There are several foods that are naturally high in histamine. These include tomatoes, spinach, dairy products, fermented foods, citrus, and aged meats. Other foods can cause your body to release histamine. Even other foods can aggravate the inflammatory process, putting stress on your body.

This would be vegetarian may be experimenting with a Paleo-type diet. I don’t think I can completely cut out grains and beans, but there are ways to prepare them to be less inflammatory. We got a pressure cooker for Christmas. Let me say, they are awesome! (Black-eyed peas for New Years done in 10 minutes-from dry.)



I have lots of books to read.

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