Tomorrow is the Lantern Festival. Here is a description from the Chinese Historical Society of Southern California’s website:

The Lantern Festival ends the 15 day celebration of Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, and is celebrated the night of the first full moon of the lunar New Year.

The date of Chinese New Year changes and is different from the date of the New Year holiday in the United States. Chinese New Year is not based on the Western Gregorian calendar, but rather the Chinese calendar, which is a complex combination of the solar and lunar calendars.

During the 15 day celebration of the Spring Festival, or Chinese New Year, people make a fresh start, and set the tone for the upcoming year. It is a time for reconciliation, to make peace and forgive old grudges. People are warm and friendly to one another, and many families, friends and neighbors exchange gifts. There are many practices that symbolize starting anew: homes and businesses are cleaned, and many people wear only new clothing on New Year’s Day. An essential part of the New Year celebration is to honor and respect deceased relatives and ancestors and family unity is a central theme of Chinese New Year. The holiday brings families together to celebrate with each other. This 15 day celebration ends with the Lantern Festival.

Since Chinese New Year, I have really been thinking about everyone who has helped us along this journey. I am a terrible thank you note writer. Terrible! I have thank you notes in my folder that have been there since December and many that remain unwritten. An embarrassing fact, but the truth.

However, we absolutely have not forgotten the kindness that has been bestowed on us. Prayers, gifts, support, food, etc. It was all appreciated. The entire 1st Grade class at our 7-year old’s school surprised us with a diaper and casserole shower. We have not needed to buy diapers yet!

Some of you will receive long overdue thank you notes. Some may not. Some supporters remain anonymous. This does not mean we are not extremely humbled and grateful. Especially now that we are a family of 5, my inadequacy is glaringly obvious. You are all lights in our life, lanterns if you will. We love you. Xie Xie!


I thank my God upon every remembrance of you. Philippians 1:3 KJV




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  1. Judy Moody
    Feb 05, 2012 @ 17:01:15

    A big kiss back to you from Gram. The process that you and Billy have gone through has been enormous. As you pause to look back over the past five months you should be proud of yourselves to have given a wonderful home to these little ones who were so in need of love and care. Our Chinese New Year is the blessing they have brought into our lives. Wish I could see them and my D right now for a big hug. Love from Gram and Grandpa.


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