Its Official – They’re Ours

We had the “Gotcha Day” where we signed a Guardianship Agreement.  Well after a days worth of paperwork processing, we received our adoption certificates in other words they are officially ours.  More papers to sign followed that plus a visit to a notary agency.  During the running around the attachment to the respective parent is still in effect: Z for Lori and E for me.  I will have a perfect example of this shortly.  After the paper signage, we went to a Wal-Mart like store call “Lotus” for food and supplies.  We saw all sorts of thing that you would never see in the states.  Back to the example major attachment for the kiddies.  As we were exiting the store, we went through a gauntlet of mall style shops.  Within this mall like section, there was a pharmacy.  Naturally, the Moody’s had to take a picture of it.  In trying to get the camera, Lori had to give me Z briefly to reach the camera for this picture.  He immediately started crying for her.  All of the locals eyes were now on me with the upset little man.  Once the picture was over, I naturally gave Z back to her and he immediately stopped crying.  Needless to say, the locals let out a chuckle.  It reminded me of that episode of Friends where someone just had a baby and Chandler discovered that any time he moved the baby near Monica the baby would get upset.  Z is opening up to me a little at time so all is very good.  Here are some picture to recap a day.  And before you comment I know that picture wise, I am a day behind.



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