Greetings from Beijing

Greeting from Beijing.  We made it here safely about 3 hours ago.  Its about 5:15pm here.  We had a minor issue in Houston with continental forcing us to check our carry-on luggage due to claim that there was no room on the plane for our carry-on.  It was to the point of us having to take various papers out of one bag to put into another thinking we were good.  Well they checked that one too. Argggghh.  That bag had our vital adoption papers and our boarding passes for the Beijing leg.  At that point the TSA controls whether the bag can be allowed back on the plane or not and the usual answer is no.  After thinking it through a little, I caught up with one of our flight attendants, pleaded our case about the importance of the papers.  He spoke with the flight crew, who spoke with the TSA.  We were granted access to the bag briefly to get what we needed and they checked it on to here.  In our brief discussion with the TSA guy, we found out that his sister adopted from China and that he was glad to help out.  As much grief as those guys get, they were a Godsend today.  The Houston continental people not so much, but with a whole lot of divine intervention in worked out.

Will post some pictures tomorrow.

Bill, Lori, and Davis

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  1. Jill
    Oct 06, 2011 @ 10:21:09

    Keepin on praying for all five Moody’s!!!!


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